OLIVUM launched debate on new challenges for Portuguese olive growing at Agroglobal 2023

OLIVUM, leader of the Alentejo Olive Oil Sustainability Program, held a seminar in partnership with CONSULAI at Agroglobal on September 6 at CNEMA in Santarém.

Under the theme “New Challenges for National Olive Growing”, OLIVUM invited Portugal’s largest agricultural fair to host a panel of experts to discuss crucial issues concerning olive growing and sustainability in the olive grove.

The event was opened by the association’s president, Pedro Lopes, who emphasized the importance of olive growing in Portugal and outlined the challenges and opportunities facing professionals today.

The sector continues to change. It is becoming even more modern, technological and sustainable. But in order to keep up with these changes and set high standards in the sector, it is essential to strengthen innovation, cooperation and resilience in order to face the constantly evolving challenges in the sector – commented Pedro Lopes, President of OLIVUM.

The first panel discussion was launched by Gonçalo Moreira, Coordinator of the Alentejo Olive Oil Sustainability Program (PSAA), who stressed the importance of this pioneering project worldwide, promoted by OLIVUM in partnership with the University of Évora.

In this speech, he presented valuable reflections on sustainability in the olive grove, highlighting the importance of responsible agricultural practices and their positive impact on olive oil production.

“The PSAA is already in its second phase and the results couldn’t be more encouraging. We’re talking about a tool that will empower producers and strengthen Portugal’s position as a world leader in the production of quality olive oil, combining tradition, innovation and sustainability,” he said.

Olive tourism was also analyzed in the second panel discussion as one of the sector’s major challenges.

“Portugal has a unique climate for olive oil production. This tourism niche is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate sustainable practices that combine the concepts of modernity, heritage, creativity and tradition,” added Pedro Lopes.

OLIVUM’s participation in Agroglobal reflects the association’s commitment to continuously supporting and promoting sustainable olive growing in Portugal. The association continues to be an influential voice in the sector and actively collaborates with agricultural professionals to meet the ever-changing challenges and opportunities.

September 21, 2023


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